Sci-Fi Environment Asset

Based on a concept by

Lowpoly House

Sci-fi Meter Prop

GM Futureliner

Alternate Rust texture

Machinarium 3D

A 3D recreation of a level from "Machinarium" (copyright Amanita Design 2009)
Rendered in the Unreal engine.

Warhammer Monument

Based on a miniature by "Monolith-icon"

Wind Turbines

Telescope Prop

Textures created in Photoshop and Zbrush.
Rendered in Marmoset engine

Dragon Study

Zand's Room


Pipes Prop

Mystery Bus Stop

Low Poly Tank

2 days to model. 4 days for UV/diffuse/normal/spec .
Based on sketchs by Tatsuyuki Tanaka.